New on GEL - Policy Watch

Our new Policy Watches, accessible from the Hot Topics page, offer further guidance on topics already mentioned in our Hot Topics. Whilst the Hot Topic will usually provide breaking news about a new topic the Policy Watch will provide further guidance of particular relevance to governors.

Hot Topics

  1. Teachers' Pay Recommendations (April 2015)
  2. Leading and Governing Groups of Schools (April 2015)
  3. Governance Leadership Diagnostic (April 2015)
  4. Apprenticeships and Traineeships (April 2015)
  5. Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation (March 2015)
  6. Age Audit tool (March 2015)
  7. Assessment Without Levels Commission (February 2015)
  8. Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006 (February 2015)
  9. Freedom of Expression – Guidance (February 2015)
  10. SEND Code of Practice: 0 to 25 years (January 2015)
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