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Being an effective governing body relies on fit for purpose training and support.  Ofsted will expect schools to demonstrate that their governing body is effective with evidence.  GEL can provide essential e-learning that fulfills these needs.

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If your Local Authority or individual school is on our list of subscribers you can sign up for a GEL account here.

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Policies for Schools

Discounted subscription to Policies for Schools

We all know that keeping school policies up to date with the constant changes in government legislation is both tedious and time-consuming.  In recognition of this, GEL has established a partnership with Policies for Schools, an online resource which provides over 240 downloadable model school policies covering a wide range of essential areas including Safeguarding & Welfare of Children, School Inspection, School Health and Safety and School Improvement.

GEL members who wish to subscribe will receive a discount of £20 off the current annual subscription of £195, which will include all new and updated school policies added to the site during the year's subscription available to download straight away.

Click on for more information.

GEL & Academies

GEL and the Academies Alliance have formed a collaboration that gives GEL members free instant access to the network's wealth of guidance and information.

This will help your school governors gain a school-contextualised and balanced view of the potential advantages and disadvantages of academy conversion.

To access these resources click on the following links and follow the instructions:
for Primary Schools
for Secondary Schools