Black and Minority Ethnic Student Achievement

  1. How do our BME students achieve and how does this compare with other groups in the school and performance in comparable schools?

  2.  What tracking systems do we have in place to monitor the attainment of different groups of pupils? Does this enable us to receive reports on achievement by ethnicity, gender, etc and to identify trends?

  3. How does our staffing profile compare to our student profile and can we do anything about it to ensure that there are adult role models in school for BME students? What about our Governing Body?

  4. How effectively do we engage with BME parents/carers and their particular needs (e.g Adult Learning opportunities, translation/interpreter facilities)?

  5. What support is available to target at underachieving BME students?  How do we use it and how effective is it?

  6. What targets should we set for BME pupil attainment in addition to our overall school targets?

  7. How effectively do we monitor racial incidents and plan to deal with the issues arising?

  8. What do our BME students, parents and carers tell us they think of our school’s strengths and areas for improvement?

  9. What staff development training do we need to put in place to ensure that BME students achieve to their full potential?

  10. What proportion of exclusions are BME pupils?  How does this compare with the proportion of other children excluded from school?