How to Register

How to Register on the GEL Website - for subscribing LAs

  • Click on the following link to open the GEL home page: 
  • To access the registration page click on the box at the bottom of the screen titled Not registered? and then click on the Register button.
  • Alternatively you can click on this link
  • Registration Step 1 - choose your Local Authority from the drop down menu and click submit. (Only Local Authorities who have subscribed to GEL are listed in the drop down menu.) 
  • Registration Step 2 - please fill in your First name and Surname.  Then select your School from the drop down menu.  (If your school name does not appear please inform your Governor Services Manager and they will contact ELC to update the school list for your LA.)
  • Please fill in your Email Address; this can be your work or home address and will be used for logging in to the GEL website.  Useful information from GEL, such as confirmation of your account registration, will be sent to this address. 
  • Please choose a Password of 6 characters or more and enter the same password in the box below to confirm.  If you forget your password in the future there is the option to be sent a reminder on the My Page tab 
  • After entering your chosen password click on Submit and an email will automatically be sent to your Local Authority contact.  They will check your details and you will then receive an email to say that your GEL account has been approved.
  • To login on the GEL website once registered click the Login button at the top of the screen, enter your Email Address and Password then click Login.


If you have any further questions please contact